Our material palette continues to grow and evolve,

All of our metal finishes are created in-house by our skilled craftspeople.

 Our workshop team are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, meticulously creating all our designs by hand.

We have a wide variety of finish processes that work well with expanded mesh, perforated sheet, woven wire and gratings. Different materials are subject to varying local environments, such as plain steel rusting in wet conditions, therefore it is essential that appropriate finishes for interior and exterior applications should be considered for your project. Secondary finishes can be applied to help achieve the desired colour, reflectivity, or where corrosion resistance characteristics are required.


Using a PVD finish on stainless steel enables architects and designers to confidently use Brass, Bronze, Black and Copper finishes internally and externally without the worry of the finishes tarnishing over time. Unlike some other secondary finishes, PVD actually enhances the raw material finish and brings the finish to life.


Scratch resistant PVD - Titanium Plating improves the performance of stainless steel by increasing wear, scratch and corrosion resistance making its durability far superior to conventional coating methods.​ It's usage in architectural and interior projects is remarkably increasing. 

The PVD process is becoming more common in the architectural and interior design industry due to architects and designers wanting new and innovative finishes to products. PVD coated products such as metal meshes and perforated sheets are fine to be used externally and will not wear, scratch or corrode. By using PVD you are able to mimic more expensive materials such as bronze, brass and gold. 

Another huge benefit of PVD finishes is that it can be applied post-manufacture of a fully fabricated item which results in cost savings when compared to using expensive materials such as brass, bronze and copper. PVD is also popular as other architectural items on a project such as taps, handles, light fittings and many more products can have the same finish applied meaning that the project has a colour consistency throughout.

We finish in extra-large baths, which we maintain with great care. This is how we create outstanding products that meet the highest quality standards internationally.


Offering a complete range of colours to suite all requirements, we are able to match any colour required from samples, offer a one stop shop for all interior architectural finishes.

We produce high quality brass plating, chrome plating, dark chrom plating, copper plating, nickel plating.