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Depending on the budget, duration of the project and special requirements of our customers, we are able to offer a wide variety of finishes on a wide variety of materials.

A high quality surface always starts from the raw material selection and is followed by the mastery of the welders and polishers. A faultless surface and joints before the plating / coating is a must for a good quality and durable finish. Keeping this in mind, our staff are cautious on delivering their work to the next step of the production. 

Besides the generally known finishing options, our company is talented in copying our customer's finishes or developing finishes based on their requirements and challenges. Our unique "Enviromental Friendly Finish" on brass which has %95 less chemicals usage during aging process, is developed based on such a challenge from one of our customers. It is now used in the stores of global brands like Tommy  Hilfiger and Scotch Soda, Samsonite. These finishes areconfirmed by the sustainability experts of the brands.

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper are the major materials we can apply our finishes. While each material comes with it's unique plating / coating requirements, our expert staff and partners are able to come up with the perfect finishes respecting the characteristics of the material. 



  • Polished / Brushed Brass - Bath 1000mm x 4000mm 

  • Polished / Brushed Copper - Bath 1000mm x 4000mm 

  • Polished / Brushed Rosegold - Bath 1000mm x 3000mm 

  • Black Chrome - Bath 1000mm x 3000mm 

  • Nickel Plating - Bath 1000mm x 3000mm

  • Antique Brass / Different grades

  • Antique Copper / Different grades

  • Electrophoretic lacquer

PVD Coating

Using a PVD finish on stainless steel enables architects and designers to confidently use Brass, Bronze, Black and Copper finishes internally and externally without the worry of the finishes tarnishing over time. It's usage in architectural and interior projects is remarkably increasing. By using PVD you are able to mimic more expensive materials such as bronze, brass and gold. 

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